Just checking

| October 29, 2011

WordPress app for Android …….

New Harmony, Indiana

| October 2, 2009

We had our “old lady picnic” yesterday by the river in Harmonie State Park.  It started off to be a cloudy ugly day but turned out to be a beautiful afternoon.  I grilled us some really big fat burgers … YUM.  Trish built us a big fire (this is her job on every picnic) and […]


| September 11, 2009

Dolan’s Lake

| May 2, 2009

It was so pretty over at Dolan’s last week.                                         The floor of the woods was covered in Mayapples. The mayapple is also called the hogapple, Indian apple, umbrella plant (shape of the leaves), wild lemon […]

A lovey day …..

| April 4, 2009

I couldn’t resist taking a few shots in the cemetery. I had no idea that this was in the cemetery …. never drove all the way around to the back side before!

A Lovely Field of Mustard

| March 30, 2009