A Lovely Field of Mustard

| March 30, 2009

Keeping watch in an old Cemetery

| March 24, 2009

Bluebird sitting atop an old tombstone ……


| March 23, 2009

I’ve taken many shots of this old abandoned house but it looks really great in the springtime. I’ve driven by this old barn several times but never took the time to stop and take photos ……. This is just one of the goats that are always around the old barn.


| March 13, 2009

An old barn that I passed while driving along a country road

Cherry Red Tractor

| March 12, 2009

Just an old red tractor sitting in a barn.

The Old “Outhouse”

| March 3, 2009

I don’t think this outhouse is used anymore.  It sits behind an old school house that has not been in operation for many years.  There is another outhouse that sits about 50 feet to the right of this one …. my guess would be one for the boys and one for the girls

WordPress Blog

| March 3, 2009

New Blog for sweetalbie.com